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Welcome to BS Pottery

Affordable, Functional, and Food Safe Pottery

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At BS Pottery, we offer a wide range of affordable, functional, and food safe pottery that is perfect for everyday use. Our products are designed with both style and function in mind, ensuring that you get the best of both worlds.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with high-quality pottery that is not only beautiful, but also functional and safe for your food. We believe that every daily action can make an impact, and that's why we make sure to take care of every small detail in our production process.

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Our Approach


We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality pottery without breaking the bank. That's why we offer our products at an affordable price, without compromising on quality.


Our pottery is designed to be functional and practical, making it perfect for everyday use. From mugs to plates to bowls, our products are made to make your life easier.

Food Safety

We understand the importance of food safety, and that's why all of our pottery is food safe. You can feel confident using our products for your daily meals, knowing that they are designed with your health in mind.

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