Instructions included:Please allow 4 to 6 weeks.......................Using your French Butter Dish •To keep the butter from slipping out of the lid when it’s warm, place a stick or two of butter in the lid and let it get soft. Next, pack the butter into the lid, pressing all the air out and making sure it makes complete contact with the inside of the form. Then put fresh, cold water in the base. •Change the water every couple of days to avoid mold. •Wash the lid in between packings •Butter varies from dairy to dairy and salted butter seems to keep better than unsalted. If you unsalted butter, try adding some salt to the water in the base. •Add only enough water to clear the lip of the lid when it’s placedon the base. •This dish will not work with margarine.

French Butter, Cloche de Beurre , Butter Bell, Butter Keeper,